Complex or Impedance Specific Loads

Altronic Research now offers loads designed to present customer specified complex impedances at specific frequencies apart from products aimed at standard 50 ohm transmission line impedances. These types of loads are in demand for process intensive industries such as semiconductor, medical, laboratory, government research, or industrial areas where the process load is best represented as a specific complex impedance at the process frequency and power of interest. Altronic’s unique position as a manufacturer of high-power RF resistors allows the complex integration of both real and reactive components within a single termination of minimal size. This results in an efficient approach to creating stable and repeatable impedance standards used to investigate, verify, or test a customer’s process under the real-world conditions of frequency and full RF power.

These unique terminations are available for a variety of customer specified load spaces in a range from 100 watts to 15 kW, so call us today and let us know how we can help with your specific process termination needs.