Protecting your investment in transmission equipment is a major consideration in today’s high tech applications. Altronic Research has developed the Fiber Optic Interlock Monitor or Leak Detector exactly for those concerns.

The Fiber Optic Interlock Monitor is designed for use in high RF environments and senses the presence of any liquid where sensors are installed to protect wave guides, coaxial lines, filters, combiners, and dummy loads. The sensors detect fault conditions and will shut the transmitter off before extensive damage can occur to ancillary equipment. Its simplified design allows user installation and is expandable to multi-channel / multi-function operation.


  • Fiber optic detection.
  • Detects optical energy associated with an arc.
  • Detects arc faults in waveguide, coaxial lines, filters, combiners, and dummy loads.
  • Sealed / pressurized operation
  • Flush internal 1/8 pipe Gyroloke fiber interface
  • Visual and audible alarms available for both Arc and Leak.


  • Designed for use in high RF environments
  • Input Power: 110 to 230 Vac 50/60 Hz
  • High Speed
  • Interlock Interface: Transmitter, Pump, Remote Indicator
  • Control Panel: Available in NEMA or Rack Mount configurations
  • Simplified design allows user installation.
  • Expandable to multi-channel / multi-function operation.
  • Detects fault conditions and shuts the transmitter off before extensive damage is done.
  • Plastic fiber optic fiber may be installed and maintained without the need for special tools.


  • Senses the presence of any liquid
  • Noise immune modulated/synchronous detector scheme design
  • Failsafe configuration — if the unit is not operational the interlock will not operate.
  • Flush internal 1/4 pipe Gyroloke fiber interface
  • Protect waveguides, coaxial lines, filters, combiners and dummy loads
  • Proper installation has minimal effect on the VSWR
  • Sealed / pressurized operation
  • May be used as interlock to shut down the operation of the pump during a fault condition.
  • This device will disable the transmitter enable signal to the interlock when a leak occurs.