Altronic Research was founded in 1967 and purchased by Mr. Dyess in 1983.  He then moved the company from Cleveland, Ohio to Yellville.  We are a leader and pioneer in design, development and manufacture of RF coaxial load resistors, also called “dummy loads” or terminations, which allow broadcast transmitters to be set to the proper frequency without actually transmitting.  Altronic was the first to design and produce a water cooled coaxial load resistor, and our air-cooled coaxial dummy loads deliver unmatched performance.

Power Film Systems, Inc., now a subsidiary of Altronic, was founded in 1974 to manufacture our resistors and enhance our ability to provide quality products. We continue to innovate, with our latest maximum stability line of oil cooled loads.

Altronic deals with several distributors world-wide on a non-exclusive basis.  We strive for continuous improvement of our products through innovation, integrity, and teamwork excellence. We work to gain a thorough understanding of our customers’ needs and expectations, then translate that knowledge into world-class products and services. We welcome your comments and questions as we endeavor to provide you with top quality at the highest value and service worldwide.

John Dyess


Altronic Team Members