Export Compliance

Altronic Research is responsible as an exporter to ensure proper classification of controlled goods and to “Know its Customers” per Department of Commerce guidelines in Supplement 3 to Part 732 of the EAR (https://wwwbis.doc.gov/policiesandregulations/ear/732.pdf).

  • Altronic Research will not sell products contrary to U.S. Export regulations and laws.
  • All parties to U.S. Export transactions must ensure their exports fully comply with all statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • Compliance not only involves controlled goods and technologies, but also restrictions on shipping to certain countries, companies, organizations, and/or individuals
  • Hiring an agent, whether a freight forwarder or some other agent, to perform various export tasks, does not relieve Altronic Research of its compliance responsibilities.
  • Altronic Research must adhere to ITAR notifications by Customers.
  • Under the “Know your Customers” guidelines, we must understand:
    • What is the product you are purchasing?
    • What is the final destination of the product?
    • Who is the ultimate end user?
    • What is the end use?
  • If required, Altronic Research must have all approvals in place before export of product or Technical Data.
  • If ECCN is requested from a customer and/or distributor, please send a completed Bis711 form to Altronic Research.
Who Will be Required to Complete a Bis711?
  • All Customers with Foreign “Ship-To” addresses.
  • Those Domestic customers we know or believe will export our product.
  • Information on Form is cross-checked with “Consolidated Screening List” that is accessed via the BIS web site (www.bis.doc.gov) to validate customer/end-user is not:
    • In a Restricted Country (i.e. on the Nonproliferation Sanction list);
    • On the Denied list;
    • On Debarred List (i.e. not allowed to order defense articles);
    • On the Specially Designated Nationals List
  • If there are questions related to information contained on the BIS711 we will be consulted for feedback.
How to Complete the : (BIS-711_Form-Instructions)
  • Final Customer (End User/Ultimate Consignee) must complete Sections 1 through 6.
  • If Final Customer is different than the Purchaser – Section 7 will need to be completed by the Purchaser (company buying product from Altronic Research)
  • All sections should be either typed or printed legibly in English.
  • Complete shipping/mailing address must be provided in Section 1.
  • Proposed End Use of product must be indicated clearly in Section 2.
  • Both A and B in Section 3 must be completed by the Final Customer.
  • Section 4 – Additional information is optional.
  • Section 5 – Complete only if Final Customer is assisted in completion of the form.
  • Section 6 – Must be completed the Final Customer and must be signed.
  • Section 7 – as indicated above need only be completed if Purchaser is different than Final Customer.