Soda Loads 40000 Series

Soda / Water Cooled    200 to 1500 kW Loads



Nautel Poster Entire Medium Wave Frequency Band

Full Load for Harmonics 2 and 3

Steel Frame Construction

Special Broadband Soda-Water Resistor

Full Radiation Screening

Accurate Measurement of Dissipated Power

Remote Monitoring and Control

Dissipation of CW and Pulsed RF Signals

Self-protecting Interlock Circuit

40000 Soda-Data Sheet




Soda Load

Model 40500  120 Ohm                                          Medium Wave (Others Available)


Impedance available: 50, 120, or 300 ohms, balanced, nominal

Frequency Range: 500 KHz to 30 MHz (including full load for harmonics 2 and 3)  Shortwave and other frequencies available, consult factory

Resistive Type: Soda Solution (Sodium carbonate + Water)

Power Rating (RMS): 200 – 1500 KW

RF Input: RF Coaxial or Box Line

Stabilized VSWR: 1.1:1 or better

Accurate Power Measurement: Digital Calorimetric Range 10 to 100% FSR Accuracy ±< 4% FSR

Dimensions: (Model 40500): 60 in. W x 72 in. L x 82 in. H (Nominal) 152.4cm x 182.9cm x 208.3cm

Weight: (Model 40500) 2800 lbs/1270kg (with crate)

Cooling medium: SR1 10-40% + distilled water

Load rating based on optimum clean system conditions.

Model 41050 50 Ohm

Model 41050
50 Ohm